Hallway Bench, 2020

ash, india ink


Evoking the philosophy of Dutch architect and Benedictine monk Dom Hans van der Laan, the form of Hallway Bench is drawn from his esoteric theories of ratio and scale. 

Van der Laan’s plastic number, based on the ratio 3:4, determines the relationship between the legs, top seat and shelf. Derived from a cubic equation, the ratio responds to three-dimensional space and the lived body. 

This inquiry is brought in a reconsideration of the semiotics of domesticity, spaces in-between or in transition emerging as a point of interest. Neither in entrance nor in exit – the body situated in a state of anticipation, flux. A structure to hold the body in repose in this place unseen.  

Ette is the design practice of Kate Richard. 

Detached from mass production, Ette tethers its practice to place, materiality, and the personal.  Where, when and who materials belong to compose the narratives of each piece.  

The domestic space, comprising the physical and emotional shelters we build, is where this work’s considerations are centred. Interested in how these spaces relate to material culture–the creation, distribution, collection of objects and examining the realm of the interior through experimentations in form and corporeality. In the liminal space between art and design, it is a contemplation of everyday life.

Working in a range of design applications including full-service interior design, custom furniture and hardware, and creative direction.