Shelving, 2020

douglas fir, bees wax


Conceived in consideration of the ways in which space, and by extension, self, is constructed.

Peering into intimacy, delineating/opening of public/private, Shelving welcomes contemplation of the gaze – how an ambiance, mood, personality, is arranged. In relation, as a place of display, the shelves become a portal of seeing sources of inspiration, personal collection, the gestation of identity. 

Ette is the design practice of Kate Richard. 

Detached from mass production, Ette tethers its practice to place, materiality, and the personal.  Where, when and who materials belong to compose the narratives of each piece.  

The domestic space, comprising the physical and emotional shelters we build, is where this work’s considerations are centred. Interested in how these spaces relate to material culture–the creation, distribution, collection of objects and examining the realm of the interior through experimentations in form and corporeality. In the liminal space between art and design, it is a contemplation of everyday life.

Working in a range of design applications including full-service interior design, custom furniture and hardware, and creative direction.